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Winning The World’s Best Customers Session 1 — Sher Valenzuela

Introduction: Are you a blue-collar worker, or a regular employee – but feel called to be an entrepreneur? Are you afraid of rejection and failure? Sher and Eli Valenzuela were in exactly that situation, but felt compelled to break away and start a business. Now they are a principal supplier to the World’s Biggest Customer – the US Federal Government, and have built a team that knows the ropes. Come along with Sher and learn how you can engage local, state and federal government too.

“Step toward the next door He’s leading you to believe will be opened.”

About the IdeaLeader: Sher Valenzuela is the Vice President of First State Manufacturing, an industrial upholstery company. Her organization employees 60 people and supplies seat covers for restaurants, engine covers, and ballistic vests. Valenzuela has run for both Lieutenant Governor and State Treasurer of Delaware.

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