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Thank you for joining us at the KCIA 2019 Global Leadership Summit in New Castle, PA. It was an incredible Ime with the Lord and the family of God. For those that could not attend, you can view the recordings and hear the many words that were spoken to encourage, equip and refresh us all by accessing the Summit On Demand!​ The evening worship and keynotes at Jubilee Ministries International was the dessert to our all-day feast on His word!

Dr. Vincent Valentyn, Dr. Lynn Hiles and Dr. Mark Chironna brought incredible wisdom from the word of God. Prophetic messages for KCIA, personal prophecy and healing, the thought-provoking revelation from the word of God and much laughter and joy! Our KCIA team sealed it all up with their release of prophecy and revelation as well.

Dr. Mark Kauffman released a word about the days of Christ and the 7th day we are entering and the kingdom age that is upon us. We carry a finishing anointing as a generation of people to accomplish what God has designed us for. Dennis Wiedrick released an incredible prophecy for KCIA and some of the leadership and a message of grace, compassion and mercy. Craig Buroker, Dr. Glories Powell and Dr. James Brewton brought incredible prophetic words for KCIA and the body of Christ. Carlton and Joyce Reed modeled the corporate anointing through their apostolic and prophetic deliverance of a critical message for the body of Christ right from God’s heart. Dr. Brewton and Craig Buroker carried the anointing through and followed the Holy Spirit’s lead into their messages on the corporate as well. It was the body of Christ working together to bring God’s message forward.

Dr. Doug Atha and Dr. Karl Bandlien brought incredible messages regarding community transformation and what can happen in the corporate anointing. Dr. Bill Manduca discussed membership, and he and Ed Turose and others flowed in the corporate anointing while emceeing. Will Meier did a great job speaking on leadership as it related to the corporate anointing and released his new book on leadership. Ed Turose, Wende Jones and the panel discussed apostolic centers and their uniqueness and identity in their cities. The message of forgiveness and not taking offense rang throughout the talks and conversations. Dr. Sharon Billins capped it all off with prophetic acts and personal prophecy Saturday night.

KCIA experienced a remarkable move of God and walked in the corporate anointing all week. I sensed the Lord truly got to do what He wanted all weekend in and through all of us. Praise God for His presence, glory and outpouring.

Save the date for next year so you can join us on August 13-15, 2020 in New Castle, PA, you won’t want to miss it!

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