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The body of Christ has been held captive by the enemy kingdom for a very long time. You might ask, what do I mean by captivity? Aren’t we saved and going to heaven? This captivity is happening under the disguise of religion and the economic slavery by the Babylonian system. There must be a great deliverance, just like the people of Israel had from Egypt in the Old Testament.

God told Abraham that his children would be slaves in a foreign land for four hundred years. Many theologians have come up with various theories on why God allowed His people to be slaves for that long. One of the main reasons He mentioned that was because once the time was ripe, He was going to judge the nation that had kept them as slaves (Genesis 15:13-14). Our God is a just God and His justice system is perfect as all its ways.

Being in slavery, God’s people were giving free labor to build Egypt. They built palaces, walls, gardens, roads, pyramids, farms, and storehouses for Pharaoh. They built the economy of Egypt, and Egypt became the most prosperous nation of that time. In return, the Egyptians gave just enough food for their survival. The majority of the body of Christ are financially broke or in mere survival mode. They are waiting for the rapture to escape!

The body of Christ has been serving this world system for many years for their sustenance; most of the time, for minimum wage. They have been serving the Babylonian system with their sweat and blood, and the empire has become the greatest on planet earth. We thought it was normal life because we were blinded by the god of this world: the devil.

We thought we were serving God, but Monday through Saturday most have been serving the dark Babylonian empire and it has used God’s people and our resources and strength to build palaces, global businesses, and resorts. They have filled the earth with their abomination, and the filth of their fornication, and many of God’s people got tangled in the grip of its tentacles and destroyed their calling and lives.

The reason God sent you to this earth is to build His kingdom. Our entire time on earth, every gift, and the skills that were given to us, should be used to build God’s kingdom. Most of us did not know that. We were taught that our life here is temporary and the most important thing is that we make it to heaven, and then build God’s kingdom in heaven or sing to Him for all eternity.

I have heard for many years that only twenty percent of believers in a church give tithes. But we give the other ninety percent back to the world and its companies from whom we receive various services and products. Have you checked to see how many of the bills you pay every month, or the stores from which you buy food and other products, are owned by Christians? I can guarantee you that Christians do not own the majority of them.

If Christians do not own them, whom are they serving and for whom do their owners live? Whose agents are they? Whose kingdom are they building using our money? The devil’s kingdom, right? That should never have been the case.

All that money is going back into the kingdom of darkness to spread its agenda. In truth, whom does the devil use to build and keep his kingdom on the earth intact? Just like in the beginning, as he used Adam and the Israelites, he still uses God’s children to accomplish his will. This must stop NOW!

The night before the Israelites left Egypt, God told Moses to tell His people to plunder the Egyptians (Exodus 3:22). This means each person asked for expensive articles, clothes and jewelry from their neighbors and looted them left and right.

By doing this, God was paying back His people the salary that was due to them. Every penny that was owed to them, and more, was restored completely in one night. This is what needs to happen to the body of Christ worldwide.

Every resource and all of the wealth God has put on the earth for His children must be restored to them to build His kingdom. This must happen before Jesus can come back. He is not coming back for a church that is broke and begging Him to get them out of here. He is coming back for a church that is ready to rule the nations with Him.

For this great exodus to happen, God’s people need to see the kingdom (John 3:3) and discover the assignment God has for them on earth. They need to know exactly what they are called to do, and identify the gifts He deposited in them, and start to function in those gifts.

To equip the body of Christ to discover their kingdom purpose, calling, and gifts, God has given this ministry a treasury of books on the subject of the kingdom of God and on how to disciple nations. Please order at least one of these books this year and study it. This revelation will change your life and answer the questions you have in your heart.

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