John J Anderson IIApostolic Council

    John Anderson brings more than 40 years of solid business experience to each client engagement and board assignment. An accomplished consultant, his recent assignments included the creation of Strategic Business Plans for ventures in the Pharmaceutical, Algae Culture, Water Treatment, Shrimp Farming, Road Construction, Equipment Manufacturing, Social Media, Media Distribution, and Counter-terrorism spaces. An accomplished executive, John Anderson has served as CEO or COO in ventures ranging from global asset tracking, intelligent video analytics, energy management, electronic commerce, cargo security, to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. In each of these firms, he played a key role in framing and prosecuting the company’s intellectual property strategy.

    Prior to the entrepreneurial ventures featured above, Mr. Anderson was a turnaround executive for global ventures including Ashland Oil, May Department Stores, Sprint Communications, and the Weyerhaeuser Company. During these assignments, he was a customer industry advisor to the IBM Company, Hewlett Packard, Compaq Computer, Digital Equipment Corporation and Tandem Computer and a strategy advisor to the governor of Kansas.

    Mr. Anderson is Founder and Executive Chairman of Global Development Partners [GDP]. He serves as a director of Erudite Inc., WM Moss Jr. Corporation, Silverstone Pharamceuticals, and Cylliance Corporation. He also serves as director or advisor to not-for-profit groups including NET Ministries, Life Academy’s Math and Science Institute, and Adoption Advocates. He is a technology advisor to Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA).

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