JoAn RisdonVice President Marketing

    JoAn Risdon founded Smart Image Media with a desire to offer businesses an effective way to build their bottom line while defining and refining their brand. She has provided her clients with cutting-edge design, effective branding, and highly personalized customer service for over 30 years.

    JoAn leads a team of experts who specialize in increasing revenue and distinguishing businesses through media and development, as well as marketing and sales strategies. She also offers strategic consultation, which includes developing primary goals, policies, and short- and long-range objectives for the organization.

    Her most recent offering is TRUnorthSM – Destiny by Design. Collaborative and interactive, this internal cultural branding process guides organizations on a path toward their “true north” identity. JoAn directs and coordinates activities to achieve profit and return on investment, establishes organizational structure, and delegates authority to team members. She leads organizations toward stated objectives, meets with and advises other executives and department managers, and reviews results of business operations. As a result, TRUnorth action plans meet the needs of stakeholders, while representing organizations to strategic alliances in the financial community, major customers, government agencies, shareholders, and the public.

    JoAn offers depth of experience in graphic design, marketing and management, uniquely qualifying her to successfully facilitate all phases of the external branding process. When working with clients to identify critical brand touch points, her diligent process draws key issues to the forefront and delivers creative, yet practical solutions — solutions which lay a road map to achievable objectives that lead brands to greater consistency and clarity. JoAn’s integrated marketing approach brings naming and visual identity platforms to life. Whether through collateral, advertising, film or interactive design, this approach maintains that aesthetics are a function of the brand: Distinctive and memorable, TRUnorth designs are created with business goals, brand audience, and budget in mind.

    JoAn has spoken at popular conferences, such as the Global Summit on Negotiation and Trust hosted by Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, AZ, alongside well-known speakers including Stephen M. R. Covey, and delivered a keynote address at the IACCM Conference in Chicago. She currently sits on the board of BridgeBuilders International. Previously, JoAn served as the marketing chair and board member for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), board chair of Christian Youth Theater (CYT) and has also been a member of BNI of Arizona, the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, and Arizona Small Business Association.

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