Dr. Karl BandlienBoard Member

    Dr. Karl Bandlien is originally from Norway and received his basic medical training in Europe.  After serving as a Flight Surgeon in the Norwegian Air Force, he received specialty training in General and Trauma Surgery in Detroit, Michigan and subsequently did further Fellowship Training and Research in the field of Organ Transplantation.

    While serving as Chief of Surgery at Westland Medical Center in Detroit, Dr. Bandlien led the effort of establishing a “National Disaster Team” for the State of Michigan as part of the “National Disaster Medical System” (NDMS) organizing disaster medical response to all major natural disasters in 50 states and the islands.

    As President of “Healthcare Christian Fellowship” (HCF) of Michigan Dr. Bandlien has subsequently led multiple Medical Relief Missions worldwide in response to natural disasters, including the Indonesian Tsunami and the Haitian Earthquake.

    Dr. Bandlien is also a member of the International Executive Board of “Healthcare Christian Fellowship International” (HCFI) based in South Africa. HCFI is active in over 100 nations around the world.

    As President of the “Global Compassion Network” (GCN) and a member of the Steering Group for the “Call2All Organization”, Dr. Bandlien is leading the effort of establishing a worldwide network of organizations involved in medical and other relief efforts with the goal of further expanding our ability to bring hope and healing to underprivileged populations globally.

    Recently Dr. Bandlien has had the opportunity to join with Dr. Robert Doe in “Transformation Health Services” (THS) and help organize medical assistance as well as provision of quality pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to the Kurdish Region of Iraq. Dr. Bandlien is also Co-Founder and Vice President of “Transformation Health Network” (THN) which mobilizes health care professionals from around the world to serve in areas of crisis and to assist underdeveloped nations in developing high quality healthcare systems and services.

    Dr. Bandlien currently leads the effort of building a network of state of the art faith-based “New Hope Hospitals” and adjacent “Cities of Refuge” to better serve the marginalized population of our inner cities.

    Dr. Bandlien is a Founding Member of “Kingdom Congressional International Alliance”  where he serves as Co-Chair of their “Science-Technology & Healthcare Committee.”

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