Dr. James BrewtonVice President – Intercession and Prophecy

    Dr. James Brewton is an ordained Bishop and Apostle, and is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Community Empowerment Ministries, Inc., located in Estill, South Carolina, and Community Empowerment Family Worship Ministry, Inc., located in Claxton, Georgia, in partnership with Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network (GEMS) – Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw, President. He is a founding father of the Allendale County Transformers (ACT), a collaboration of personnel representing every segment of community life, whose mandate is to transform the current mindsets and environments from poverty and complacency to one of activity, achievement, growth, and success.

    Dr. Brewton has been a minister of the Gospel of the Kingdom for 25 years, and has served as Chaplin for the Allendale County (S.C.) Sheriff’s Department and advisory member of the Sheriff’s Task Force on Gang Violence. Currently he serves on the Board of Directors for Allendale County First Steps and has served as coordinator of several community activities for youth, involving recreation and other forms of social networking.

    He is the “Goodwill Ambassador” for GEMS Network, a member of the SCOPEVision Group and the Tactical Application Team (TAC). In addition, Dr. Brewton is a member of KCIA (Kingdom Congressional International Alliance) in which he serves as Director of The Executive Strategic Intercession Team and is the Chairman of the Commission on Cultural and Social Reformation. He is an Inductee – Elect (Ambassador) for the Golden Rule Alumni recognized by the United Nations, and is an apostolic advisor to several leaders, organizations and corporations locally, nationally and internationally.

    Dr. Brewton is a former program counselor and coordinator of two federally funded education programs at Florida A&M University. He also served there as an assistant professor of history, Coordinator of Student Financial Aid, and radio voice of the university’s basketball programs.

    Dr. Brewton holds a bachelors degree in History and a Masters degree in Public Management from Florida A&M University. The Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree was conferred upon him by Hope Bible Institute and Seminary in 2013.

    He is the author of three books: “A Slave of Circumstance” – 2005; “Back Porch Meditations, Holy Spirit Revelations” – 2012; and, “From Footmen to Horsemen: The Rise of Commissioned, Kingdom-Level Leaders” – 2016.  He and his wife, Margie, reside in Allendale, South Carolina.

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