Dr. Erik KudlisPresident and CEO of Erik’s Design Build Associates, Inc.

    Dr. Erik A. Kudlis is a former educator, and current President and CEO of Erik’s Design Build Associates, Inc., an award winning construction firm in Connecticut, USA, with previous operations in the European Union. Erik operates from a background of 30 years in men’s ministry, and is recognized and sought after as a strategic thinker.

    Erik’s passion is to bring out the champion in every person, small and great, to impact their sphere of influence for the greater good. His vision for all might be summarized as, “Go on and become the champion you were created to be, in marriage, in family, in finance, in vision, in service, in business, and in government. Being successful and prominent isn’t enough! Go beyond mere success! Go on to significance.”

    His passion has brought him to more than nine nations, in hundreds of meetings with church, business, and governmental leaders. Erik believes that we are living in the greatest time of human history, with the greatest opportunities yet ahead of us. He has dedicated himself to being increasingly used by God to bring timely prophetic words to all generations with heaven’s strategies for individuals, leaders, business opportunities, cities, and nations, encouraging them to “Go on…and become great.”

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