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Strategic Intercession Services

Offered by KCIA

KCIA Strategic Intercession Services is led by Dr Bruce Cook, and builds a Strategic Intercession team around each Client. Our clients include individuals, families, businesses, ministries, and other organizations. Clients may choose full-interaction, including daily issue updates, weekly written prayer summaries, and scheduled conference calls for live intercession and prophetic ministry.


We “pray with all types of prayer” including scriptural petitions, governmental / decree-based prayers, supported by proven discernment and prophetic insights. Our teams get results. Team members average more than 10 years experience. Our approach is nonreligious. We pray the heart and word of God over situations and circumstances and individuals and organizations, and see rapid and often dramatic breakthrough, change, shift, release and increase. Contact us.


Selected Testimonials


  • Quickly resolved a 7-year old lawsuit, saving $ millions.
  • Honorably resolved an ongoing regulatory investigation, saving money and restoring reputation
  • Exposed ongoing job site theft
  • Brought successful negotiation of numerous business contracts and deals
  • Honorably resolved inter-organizational, inter-personal disputes

Courts of Heaven

Offered by Son Rise Cultural Center

The breakthrough books by Robert Henderson (The Courts of Heaven, and Unlocking Destinies in the Courts of Heaven) provide the scriptural foundation for this powerful ministry. In a confidential, three-hour, recorded, interactive video session, Son Rise Cultural Center’s Courtroom Team assists the Client in bringing lasting resolution to life issues that frustrate, defeat, disempower, or delay the delivery of answers to prayer and the fulfillment of divine destiny. Court Room Team members each have more than 10 years experience in deliverance, inner healing, and prophetic ministry.


The Client, assisted by the Team, moves through the Court of Accusation, the Court of Redemption, and the Court of Overcomers. In the Court of Accusation, personal issues are resolved. In the Court of Redemption, issues affecting family and covenantal relationships are resolved, and the legal basis for recovery of stolen assets, reputation, and social standing is established. In the Court of Overcomers, divine identity is affirmed, destiny is clarified, and new gifts, authority, and other spiritual resources are delivered.


The Son Rise Cultural Center has conducted more than 50 successful sessions, with Client testimonials including immediate financial breakthrough, resolution of long-standing relational dysfunction, and improved confidence in all areas of life. Contact Us.

Speakers Bureau

Offered through KCIA

KCIA provides referrals to several of its members, who are proven inspirational, motivational, and transformational speakers on a variety of topics for nearly any audience. Contact Us.

Webinars and Professional Coaching

Offered by Empower 2000

Empower 2000, led by Joseph Peck, MD, has conducted hundreds of Webinars and professionally Coached many hi-impact Leaders. Webinars  are the new interactive TV, and bring powerful IdeaLeaders into engaged discussion with other IdeaLeaders, hungry learners, curious customers, and potential partners. Coaching affirms divine identity, and accelerates personal progress in fulfillment of destiny.  Contact us.


7 Great Reasons To Use Webinars


  • Webinars are the #1 online marketing, teaching, and connecting tool … bar none! TEACHING SELLS!!!
  • Webinars are a great way to build a massive email list!
  • Webinars are a great way to get BIG FISH to work with you!
  • Webinars are a great way to pre-qualify prospects… so you can spend more time and resources on those who are actually interested in your service or products!
  • Webinars are the FAST and EASY way to create products whenever you want!
  • Become a THOUGHT LEADER in your niche
  • LEVERAGE: Influence! Influence! Influence!


Webinars can be used for a variety of purposes, included but not restricted to:


  • Marketing – Getting your message out
  • Teaching
  • Connecting – strategically with others who share your passion
  • Mastermind groups
  • Community building – create powerful online portals
  • Live streaming of events


Empower 2000’s coaching services include:


  • Dream and Time coaching
  • Executive and leadership coaching
  • Sabbatical coaching
  • Webinar coaching
  • Uncommon Internet Marketing Coaching


Some Webinars are offered for FREE to a limited number of attendees, while others are offered in a subscription that comprises several FREE and several paid sessions as well. Contact Us.

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