The Technology of Apostolic Succession by Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw



“Thy seed will I establish for ever, and I will build up thy throne to all generations. Selah” –Psalm 89:4. This powerful statement was made thousands of years ago, yet it still holds the key to success for spiritual families in the earth today. God has a plan for your church, ministry network and organization that includes a healthy future! The throne of Jesus Christ and His spiritual family are established without interruption and our dominion is everlasting. In this captivating revelation, Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw reveals how to successfully build the lasting lineage that will endure for generations to come! You will discover: The importance of a Godly lineage and spiritual heritage, The pitfalls of not having proper succession in place, Why generations fail and how to prevent it in your lineage, God’s greatest “Gift” to coming generations, How to prevent “Spiritual Abortions” and premature spiritual death, The power of a “Good Name” and how it restores credibility to believers …and much more!

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