The Spirit of Divine Interception by Dr. Francis Myles




In this life-changing book, Dr. Francis Myles introduces the reader to one of the most powerful spiritual technologies in all of creation. God instituted this technology to govern the spiritual, social and financial heirs of Kingdom citizens during their pilgrimage here on earth.

At the heart of all informed spiritual or scientific research is a body of questions that fuel the whole investigation. In the spirit of informed investigation, this book will seek to answer the following questions…

Why are questions of regret so universal and common to the human experience?
Is there a diabolical and calculated conspiracy behind many of the tears of regret that are common to the human experience?
If God is good and all-powerful, why does He allow the evil and the pain of regret to be visited upon innocent people?
Why do most people blame God for the pain in their lives that is a direct consequence of their actions?
Why are these stories of disaster and regret concentrated in the Marketplace?
Why do Kingdom entrepreneurs lose millions of dollars in bad business deals?
Is there a “fail-proof” technology for “intercepting” much of the evil that is visited upon humans before it actually happens?
This book also contains cases studies from the Bible and present day people that are designed to illustrate the dire need for a “fail-proof spiritual technology” for “intercepting” demonically engineered diabolical plans and ploys to inject suffering, loss and injury in the human experience; especially in the Marketplace.


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