Back Porch Meditations by James Brewton



In “BACK PORCH MEDITATIONS, HOLY SPIRIT REVELATIONS” Apostle James Brewton takes the reader on spiritual trails sanded by very practical Holy Spirit driven revelations for victorious Kingdom living. He writes in a style that is both scholastic as well as entertaining while grappling with important biblical truths that have eluded that section of the Church that is stuck in man made religious systems and expressions. For those who are hungry for a very real and dynamic relationship with the Holy Spirit, which leads to a deeper understanding of the mystery that is Christ; I encourage you to take your lawn chair, silence your cell phone and join Apostle Brewton in his back porch for a time of meditation and revelation. I highly recommend this book to all true God seekers who are hungry for a higher level of spiritual intimacy with the Lord and are tired of eating stale bread at the hands of leaders of the institutional church. – Dr. Francis Myles, Author: The Order of Melchizedek


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