2021 Summit replays are here! A Warrior’s Heart – Courage to Act


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A Warrior’s Heart – Courage to Act

January 29-30, 2021

2021 has started with a level of intensity, unlike most of us have seen in our lifetimes. Our faith has been tested, our resolve has been tested, our perseverance has been tested and our hope remains in Christ. Praise God for stretching our faith, increasing our perseverance and strengthening our resolve! Remain standing.

As Christians, how do we proceed? What is God saying? How do we bring heaven to earth? 

Join us for prophecy and teaching with speakers Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow, Dr. Wende Jones, Dennis Wiedrick, and many others. 

Together we focus our hearts, minds and souls on the word of the Lord for 2021, what He is doing, and stepping into our unique and corporate destinies!

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  • Jam-packed agenda
  • Knowledgeable speakers
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