2021 Pierre SD Summit replays are here!


Watch the recording of KCIA’s 2021 Pierre SD Summit



2021 KCIA Leadership Summit

August 12-14, 2021 – Pierre, South Dakota

We missed you at the 2021 KCIA Global Leadership Summit. You don’t have to miss the inspirational messages and prophetic insights we all experienced this year, though.

You can now purchase On-Demand replays of the summit sessions for only $12, available until the end of November 2021.

Do you want to understand what is happening in the supernatural based on what is happening in the natural? Do you need more understanding about the times and season we are in? What is the body of Christ doing next?

The answers to these questions and so many more are addressed by Kat Kerr, Johnny Enlow, Dave Hodgson, and Hank Kunneman during the 2021 summit, co-hosted by KCIA President Wende Jones and KCIA Vice President Carlton Reed.

You can now access these powerful messages in the summit replay, including:

  • We need to use God’s economic and social principles and prove they work.
  • Does God want us to command on earth?
  • Angels and heavenly Hosts 
  • Understand heavens culture
  • Vision is attached to provision.
  • Is the world ending as we know it?
  • How do we prepare? 

Enjoy your replay of the 2021 KCIA Global Leadership Summit!


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