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Monday Morning Atheist — Doug Spada

Introduction: Why do we switch God off at work? How can we fix this problem? This versatile session details the core drive behind people’s struggle with work. After watching this session you can expect to see unique change! You will find help on how to switch God on at work and increase the fame of God in the marketplace.

“You will find help on how to switch God on at work and increase the fame of God in the marketplace.”

About the IdeaLeader: Doug Spada is an American CEO, speaker, author, and Navy veteran.  He is the founder and CEO of WorkLife, Inc. a global nonprofit venture based in Atlanta, GA which develops innovative resources to help people experience God while they work.  In his book Monday Morning Atheist, he lays out a persuasive case based on eight years of research about why Christians switch God off at work and what to do about it.  He was Founder and President of Utili-Tech, Inc., based in San Diego, CA, an energy and utility services firm, providing cost management services for key vertical market industries.  A decorated Naval Nuclear Engineer veteran, he served during the Cold War onboard US Navy fast-attack nuclear submarines.  He was an instructor at the Navy’s top-secret nuclear training facility at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory.  Doug has received numerous commendations during his career, including an Admiral’s Citation and the Navy Achievement Medal.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from San Diego Christian College as well as Naval Nuclear Engineering from the US Navy.

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