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I’m excited to announce that I’m running for the County Supervisor for my District. There are five supervisors in total and two up for election this year. The other District has a solid conservative running to replace the long-term bureaucrat now in place. As we both win, we will be making a significant shift in the balance with 3 of 5 and essentially give us control of the board.

I’ve encouraged others to take up the banner for a long time, especially locally because there are fewer votes to sway to get elected. I’ve seen the damage the progressives have inflicted – especially George Soros. He uses minimal cash to affect a district attorney’s race and gets a powerful seat that controls many decisions. I attended a few supervisors meetings and was appalled at their lack of public interest and unwillingness to make simple decisions. This, along with all the election problems last year, really spurred me on. When I found out that the seat in my District was up for election and currently is held by a highly self-serving individual, I knew something had to be done. This is when God poked His finger in my chest and said, “It’s your turn, son.” After my wife, Caroline, and I prayed about it, and with encouragement from a long-time local who lives around the corner from us, I went to work – first getting the signatures to qualify, then getting my name out. Now is my time to stand, is it yours?

Lex Lamotte


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