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My conscious transition from Christian businessman to Kingdom collaborator began in January 2015 when Dr. Stan Jeffery and Dr. Karl Bandlien and I began to have weekly KCIA Skype calls as Co-Chairs of the Healthcare, Science & Technology Commission. The first thing the Lord directed us to do was to “have no agenda, take our time, get to know each other.” After a few weeks, Karl had the revelation for us to “honor God.” Within a few weeks later, the Lord began to show us visions that he had planted in specific individuals, which quickly lead us to travel to Haifa, Israel to bring life to a 30-year-old God-vision. John Anderson joined us for this trip, and on the balcony of the penthouse of the Dan Hotel, the Lord revealed that because we all had honored him, he was going to bring us into a covenant relationship with him and with each other.

Subsequently, the Lord has revealed that to manifest his Kingdom-visions involves collaboration, not competition and agreement, not consensus. Agreement powered by his love releases his abundance into his Kingdom economy. These revelations have given birth to a new Kingdom business in my “retirement” years called Abundance Farms.

While the world assigns value based on scarcity, the Lord resources his visions with his collaborators based on his Kingdom Abundance.

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