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In a previous article, I posed the question “What’s your WHY?” Since then, I’ve been convicted about what I am doing – and how I am doing it. The upcoming 8thMountain Global Leadership Summit (which is also our annual KCIA Membership Meeting) has pressed me to reexamine everything that I am doing – and many things that we (KCIA) are doing also.

Many years ago, I studied mathematics – addition-subtraction-multiplication-division, algebra-linear algebra-topology, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, infinite series, differential equations, etc. I also studied physics – statics, kinematics, dynamics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, quantum, astrophysics, atomic and nuclear physics – and spent years in the laboratory. Along the way, I taught many of these topics as well.


  • I loved being a student – and was good at it. But that wasn’t the WHY.
  • I loved being a teacher – and won awards there, too. But that wasn’t the WHY.
  • I earned a degree that opened up employment options. But that wasn’t the WHY.
  • In the corporate world, I earned numerous awards also. But that wasn’t the WHY.

As a junior in college, I was invited to join a research team. The Quest was to experimentally determine – in a powerful nuclear accelerator, with exotic materials, specialized instruments, and breakthrough software – how the nucleus and strong nuclear force actually works! We did it, and science and history books reflect our achievement.

That was the WHY. The glory of God is to conceal a matter. The glory of kings is to search it out.

Our “WHY” is an expression of our Target.

In the 2004 Olympics, an American rifleman had a commanding lead coming into the final event. And in the final event, he was so far ahead – with only one shot to go – that he could have won by hitting the target almost anywhere. What happened? Matt Emmons was just focusing on staying calm. He wishes he had been more concerned with where he was shooting.

Emmons fired at the wrong target on his final shot, a simple mistake that cost the American a commanding lead in the 50-meter three-position rifle final and ruined his chance for a second gold medal.

Emmons actually hit the Bulls Eye but the hit was scored a “0” by the judges – wrong target. His motives were right, his equipment was the best, his preparation was flawless, and his aim was perfect. His score was “0.” However, there was no reward for that otherwise perfect shot.

In an interview after the competition, he stated, “On that shot, I was just worrying about calming myself down and just breaking a good shot, and so I didn’t even look at the number,” said Emmons, 23. “I probably should have. I will from now on.”

What is your Target? Where are you aiming your best effort for results? What is your WHY?

Here are some “why” statements that I hear inside KCIA as well as in other Christian leadership alliances and networks:

  • It’s all about the Glory of God. The knowledge of the glory of God will cover the earth.
  • It’s all about souls. Jesus came to seek and save the lost!
  • It’s all about the Church. Jesus loved the Church and died for her!
  • It’s all about heaven on earth and bringing the Kingdom!
  • It’s all about correct doctrine. Workmen who are not ashamed rightly divide the word of truth!
  • It’s all about loving one another. The world will know you are My disciples because you love one another.
  • It’s all about the restoration of the Apostolic-Prophetic. The Church is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets.
  • It’s all about signs and wonders. Preach the gospel of the kingdom. Heal the sick, Cast out demons. Raise the dead. This gospel is to be preached to every creature for a sign!

Are these your “targets?” Are your time, your talents and your treasure aimed at producing these results? Each is biblical, and each was proclaimed either by Jesus or his apostles!

But are they “THE Target – The WHY?”

Recently, I was asking the Lord for some personal direction, and He asked me to take each of the elements of my mission – at Global Development Partners – and for KCIA – and review them step by step. I began to do an Isaiah 26:2-3 session with Him and imagined God in the midst of each goal. Several times along the way, He asked me, “And if you accomplished THAT goal, where would it lead?” So I asked, “Am I on target, Lord? Would the accomplishment of my goals also accomplish Your goals?”

He whispered, “Would you like to know My goals?”

He said “First, I want sheep nations. Neighborhoods, communities, states and nations where:

  • The weak are protected from the strong.
  • Widows, orphans, the homeless and the oppressed are loved and have dignity.
  • All have the ability to prosper.

“Secondly, I want justice with equity for nations, institutions, organizations and individuals. Peace, private property, prosperity – and freedom from oppression.”

So I asked, “Who, Lord, within Your kingdom, are moving toward the realization of Your goals?”

He said, “You tell me. What are my [religious] leaders doing? They hold revivals, plant churches, hold Bible studies, and work miracles, debate doctrine, and build buildings.”

“But Lord,” I said, “Didn’t you tell your disciples to preach the kingdom, heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, and cast out demons?”

“Yes, but I also told them that these were signs to point to a target – not the goal or an end in themselves.”

The Target: Sheep nations. Nations who DO what Jesus and the apostles commanded: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” “Love does no harm to its neighbor.” “Love one another as I have loved you.” “Speak the truth in love.” “The end of the commandment is love from a pure conscience.” “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” Make Golden Rule nations.

I was convicted and guilt-stricken, and spent a season crying and repenting.

I’ve been so caught up in the methods, the strategies, the tools and techniques that I forgot the big “WHY” – the Target. Overall, it’s pretty simple. Be a Golden Rule person. Have a Golden Rule marriage. Create Golden Rule friendships. Produce a Golden Rule neighborhood, a Golden Rule community, and a Golden Rule nation.

By the way, this is not an issue of salvation – the eternal reward. Even a child who offers a cup of cold water has a reward, and the Lord is never unjust to forget work done for Him. But the parable of the talents, the parable of the King who sent His servants and even His son to receive the fruit of His kingdom, all shine a spotlight on what we do, and why we do it. If you are doing your assignment – your part toward reaching His Target – you do well.

To each of you who have seen me busy at work aiming at the wrong target, please forgive me for setting a harmful example. If there’s a specific way that my preoccupation with the wrong things has hurt you or offended you, please forgive me and let me know how to make it right.

In August, at our 8th Mountain Summit and KCIA Annual Meeting, each of you and all other guests who attend, can bring their revelation – ideas – testimonies – for solving the problems and overcoming the challenges that we face in becoming Golden Rule people and Nations.

Please join me in our journey to the Summit of the 8thMountain – the Mountain of the House of the Lord. Micah and Isaiah promised us that when Nations come and peoples Stream to this mountain, they will experience justice, peace, private property, prosperity, and freedom from oppression. I need that – and so do you. The Nations await our example, our service, our leadership, our instruction, and our investment.

Please join us in Calgary this August 16-18! Let your voice be heard! Bring your vision – your faith – your insight – and your testimony – and make it obvious to all who attend!

The 2018 Summit Awaits You!

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