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God said go to Pierre, South Dakota, sow into the land, pray over the capital and the governor, so we did! We had no idea the depth of need God would allow us to sow into. From day one, God brought continued confirmation of why He sent us there and what was needed.

We realized quickly after arriving that there was a natural and spiritual drought in the area. Many people who lived there mentioned how they had been praying for years for people like us to come and deposit seed with them. After speaking with Kat Kerr, our featured speaker, we discovered that she had asked the Lord about going to South Dakota when KCIA called and invited her. Yet another confirmation of what God is doing!

The refreshing began when our plane touched down in Pierre, and the rain started to fall, both in the natural and spirit. This refreshing continued during our stay. We witnessed and participated in personal transformations, corporate release and pouring out of the new wine into the new wineskin. It was a phenomenal time being together with the Lord and each other.

Here are just a few highlights of all that we experienced together:

  • Welcomed onto the land by the Lakota tribe on the first night and had the honor of attending their conference on Sunday to minister to them.
  • Enjoyed hours of listening to Kat Kerr in person for the entire weekend and being refreshed by her adventures in heaven and learning more about commanding our Heavenly Hosts (angel armies).
  • Johnny Enlow and Dave Hodgson shared their latest revelation and wisdom with us. Hank Kunneman gave a pre-recorded message.
  • Revelatory praise and worship led by Sylvia Blair and Rabon Johnson with new songs and shofars.
  • Several focus panels with in-person and virtual panelists.
  • Personal prophetic ministry throughout the Summit for everyone who desired a word from God with many outstanding prophets.
  • Afternoon meet and greet gatherings with all attendees, speakers, and KCIA Board and Apostolic Council.
  • Personal connection with one-on-one meals throughout and a group dinner Saturday night.
  • Lots of free time to mingle and minister to one another and build trusted relationships.
  • After-hour gatherings because we simply couldn’t get enough time with each other.

We met lots of new and wonderful people who attended the Summit. Many decided to join KCIA as we advance the kingdom together. One of the initiatives launched at the Summit is our KCIA Mountain Network meetings. These small, focused groups hold monthly and bi-monthly meetings in training and mentoring people in their assignment areas. Also, learning from one another as iron-sharpening-iron and developing trusted relationships is essential and needed to accomplish assignments. These and other activities will continue throughout this next year until we
meet in person again in August 2022.

KCIA leadership team is planning the 2022 KCIA Leadership Summit and praying for a location to meet in the first half of August. Stay tuned for more details on this!

Our 2022 KCIA Virtual Prophetic Summit is February 4-5. Hear what God is doing as He ignites your revelation and assignments. Save these dates! Speaker announcements coming soon.

We hope you enjoy the pictures of our 2021 KCIA Leadership Summit in Pierre, South Dakota, and pray you can join us in person next year!

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