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We are experiencing “Acceleration” (Charlie Fisher). This is “Breakthrough” (Sharon Billins). “I just read the book of Acts. I think I’ve just seen it here in Portland (Dan Johnson).

What’s your take on the Portland meeting? Some streamed into the sessions daily, while others traveled around the globe or across town. Was it worth the trip and the time? Drop me a line at

In August, we were reminded of the goodness and grace of the Lord, who blessed fellowship, ministry, worship, and proclamation at unprecedented levels. The few notes that I’ve made below will undoubtedly overlook some experiences that you now cherish, and perhaps make much ado about things that you took little notice of.

Now is the time to Practice Forgiveness!

We are in the early stages of executing a new KCIA strategy – well, it is new for us. It is the original Divine Mandate from Genesis 1….

Be Fruitful! Multiply! Fill the Earth! Subdue and Have Dominion over it!

Be Fruitful

The Courtroom of Heaven is a powerful emerging strategy for removing barriers to fruitfulness in all domains of life. KCIA’s Suzette Torti (Queensland Australia) and Danny Dean (Washington USA) are registered as Global Reformer Hubs with Robert Henderson’s Courtroom of Heaven ministry. Suzette has conducted numerous court Cases, and Danny’s team has now presented Cases for over 100 individuals, two class action suits, and even one city.

There are reports of successful cases for Businesses, Contracts, and “deals” as well.

We are also networking with other Courtroom teams across the globe, and preparing to bring Cases on behalf of Nations!

Should you schedule time in the Courtroom of Heaven to remove barriers to your fruitfulness?
Visit for more information.


Congratulations to those who have honored Jesus by agreeing to serve in 5-fold offices, and who also honored us with the opportunity to confirm the Father’s election. Please welcome these amazing fellow laborers who were commissioned in August: Sarah Church, Jessica LeVrault, Ruth Mary Bean, Brian Ostling, Jeff Burkholder, James Campbell, Dr. Ray Chen, David Cranfield, Daniel Ostling, Cheryl Dean, Bethany Fisher, Mina Holmes, Dan Johnson, Simon Karu, Stephanie Magno, James Marquiss, John McIntosh-Brown, John Miller, Dalene Mmopi, Purity Munyi, Angela Nicholas, Missy Pfeifer, Kirsten Rohner, Lauri Russell, Lyubov Shalya, Julie Sies, Kevork Tchaparian, Kathy Weldon, and Laurie Yount.

The KCIA Membership team is actively working to assist members in commissioning or recruiting another 10,000 KCIA members over the next five years.

Please make it a priority to personally commission at least 12 new 5-fold ministers in the next 12 months!

Fill the Earth

After more than two years of teamwork between Berin Gilfillan’s International School of Ministry team ( and KCIA’s media team (below), the “” media venture launched in August.

The seeks to build a global community of IdeaLeaders – folk who have heard God-breathed ideas and are turning them into God stories by solving tough problems across the 7 Mountains of culture. We believe that the 8thMountain will empower IdeaLeaders to bring these God ideas to Community Leaders, Congregational Leaders, and Millennial Leaders who are seeking solutions to life’s perplexing problems.

Ruth Lum has assembled a team of over 30 strategic intercessors, led by Charlie Fisher, to undergird the 8thMountain team and venture.

We now feature the 82 sessions of Marketplace Module Volumes I and II, dozens of free articles, and numerous high-impact e-books – and we have a backlog of nearly 200 additional posts to edit and upload to the site.

During our “soft launch,” KCIA members can enjoy a free 7 day trial, and
experience all that we offer for only $88.88 per year at

You can also donate to underwrite our startup expenses on CrowdRise!

Subdue and Have Dominion over it!

The Community Transformation Committee, led by Dr Doug Atha, is sharing best practices from their own experience and global research in dealing with the poor, homeless, abused, hungry, oppressed, addicted, and other powerless people. They are also witnessing some early signs of interest in the Golden Rule Community Certification Program that was announced in August.  

We are blessed to have an organization where everyone is a qualified and seasoned leader, and who also know how to serve, support, and collaborate to achieve out of the park results. As Doug says “I’m coaching an all-star team. It’s easy to get them pointed in the right direction and get out of their way!”


On a final note, we are also undertaking a total revision of the KCIA website. If you can help with this project, drop me a note at

Let’s ascend the 8thMountain together.

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